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By Demosthenes Kyriazis


The meaning and origin of the terms.

 The terms Manipulation (Guidance, guide by hand in Greek) and Emancipation (leave the hand in Greek) denote two diametrically opposed actions. In manipulation  the citizen is driven with the eyes and mind not of his own but by a third person, while in emancipation he is left from this help / dependence, and is left to go with his own eyes and mind.

Manipulation and emancipation is a twin functional unity created by Nature, by God, to ensure the survival of newborn humans and all newborn animals. Newborns survive due to parental manipulation; due to the manipulation primarily from the mother and secondarily from the father. This guidance ensures in the temporarily without capabilities newborn everything: food, movement, security, training and education. It is obvious that the concept of parental manipulation is identical both to the concept of parental authority and to Greek term Paideia,  as detailed in the following.

 Key features of parental manipulation are: (1) Designed by Nature, by God. (2) It has as its primary objective the exercise of newborns so that they can act with their own physical and spiritual powers; they can transit to their emancipation as soon as possible. The transition from manipulation to emancipation defined by Nature is relatively short. This time in humans was prolonged significantly compared to other animals. This is because the civilization, the culture of the city has increased the needs of the people, but also changed the way they are covered. Nonetheless, the main goal of maternal / parental manipulation remained in the overwhelming majority of parents the same; the transition to emancipation. In the wisdom of Nature, Manipulation is the vehicle to Emancipation.

  Now-days the two terms have a more general meaning. Manipulation means the restriction of the freedom and the dependence on someone, while Emancipation means to liberate him from habits and erroneous perceptions and practices.


Manipulation and emancipation of young people from the state

Like newborns, young people need to be guided in order to be transformed into free and responsible members of society; in order to be effective and secure their emancipation. This guidance, which fits the name of political manipulation, in the early societies, had the same goal as the mother's guidance; it aimed at the political emancipation of all young people, without discrimination, in order to be able to participate in the power of the people set; of the Faction, the Generation and the City. This goal was more applicable in the matriarchal societies, where the Mother-Leader has equal and universal (without selective discrimination), love for all her children. In contrast to patriarchal societies, where the political manipulation and emancipation of young people had limited universality; the first son was manipulated and emancipated to become the heir of the social power and property of the father.

 Thus, from the universal emancipation of the factions in matriarchal societies, Democracy was born, while from the discreet (non-universal) emancipation of generations the Monarchy. Let's recall that factions are called the mother's children, regardless of who the father was, while generations are the fathers' children, regardless of who the mother is. [Related: The Mother of Democracy. 

 In the newer regimes (systems of state power), young people are not guided to gain the capacity to participate in exercising the power of the state and then to be emancipated, but to support those who exercise this power; the king, the ruler, the representative. In today's regimes even in those, which are called democratic, political emancipation has essentially been canceled and the overwhelming majority of people are under constant political manipulation.

In order to justify the annulment of emancipation, which is an act contrary to the natural law-order, the following doctrine is invoked: The exercise of power by the citizens themselves is a noble but utopian pursuit. This false doctrine coincides with the doctrine of Nicholas Machiavelli: "The exercise of power must be exercised by the Master, but in such a way that it seems to be done by the citizens. Citizens can’t exercise power, but to be a reference to every power”. 

In the today Representative Democracies the following improved version of the Machiavelli’s doctrine is applied: The exercise of power is possible only through representatives selected by the citizens. Citizens can’t exercise power, but they are the source(!!) of every power. Most important however is the fact that, the choice of Representatives / Leaders should be done with rules and practices not of the citizens but of their Representatives!!!

In some cases, the rulers of "progressive democracies" were not limited to cancel the emancipation, but in order to teach the young people to believe and to get used to permanent manipulation; they proceeded to overthrow the process created by the wisdom of Nature.  Rather than applying the doctrine: “Manipulation is the vehicle of Emancipation", they apply the doctrine of their  own "wisdom": "Early Emancipation is the vehicle of permanent Manipulation."

This doctrine can be worded more clearly as follows: "Young people should not be exercised to understand with their own eyes and mind, but to believe the truths of others;  to believe in the pink, blue, dark blue, green and red truth ". [1]

The de facto but not de jure cancelation of citizens’ emancipation and the  permanent of their manipulation, in depth are caused to the institutions and to the practices of the current representative democracies.


The Results

 The abolition of emancipation and of the permanency of manipulation led to the loss of the status of "the Governor  and of the governed  and responsible citizen" and the creation of the status of followers /supporters; of followers who do not participate in the exercise of state power but glorify and support their representatives/ rulers.

 People's Wisdom teaches, however, that "anyone who has the beards has also the combs" which means that powerless followers, it is logical and moral not to have responsibility for the commons that "the Governor  and  the governed  citizens" had. This is because responsibility and power is an indivisible entity, not two autonomous ones, as some believe. With deterministic certainty, the revocation of power entails the cancellation of responsibility and vice versa.


Return to the wisdom of Nature

 The previously mentioned are strongly correlated, if not identical, with the causes of the deep and general crisis that we are currently experiencing. Exceeding the crisis, therefore, requires our return to the manipulation / emancipation defined by Nature; our return to the maternal manipulation. .

  If we accept the definition of the late Castoriades that Paideia  is: "The transformation of the little child into Man with the full meaning of the word. That is to say, to a man free, responsible, able to decide "[2] , then Paideia ,  that is synonymous with the maternal manipulation, will be the vehicle of overcoming the crisis.

 Today, Paideia  does not have the meaning that it once had in the Cradle of Democracy. Today's Paideia has been downgraded at training to verbalism and many times at training of absurdity, immorality and self-interest. [Relevant. We have Education, but we have not Paideia.        


[1] pink, blue, dark blue, green and red,  are the colors of the main political parties in Greece

[2] Cornelius Castoriadis .   Η ΔΥΝΑΤΟΤΗΤΑ ΜΙΑΣ ΑΥΤΟΝΟΜΗΣ ΚΟΙΝΩΝΙΑΣ, Εκδόσεις: Στάσει Εκπίπτοντες



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