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By Demosthenes Kyriazis


The realization of a self-interested, fraudulent and criminal act, which is turned finally against the perpetrator, is called boomerang. The term was originated from the name boomerang of the hunting arc of indigenous Australians. This arc - a rod of great elasticity that is bent by the hunter - after its launching, returns to the launch point, posing a serious danger to the hunter itself.  This phenomenon is described in the stochastic wisdom of the Greek people, from the popular saying: "Whoever digs a pit for another man, finally he himself falls in it” .


The non transferable power of man

Every man has own power in order to be able to take and to realize decisions. This ability/power, a gift of Nature, of God,   is called Freedom.   Freedom is a non transferable entity as all forms of power are; as are muscular or spiritual power. The non transferable of the muscular and spiritual power of man is obvious and therefore no attempt was made to transfer these powers to third parties, either by human laws or by force.  But what happened to the other form of power called Individual Power, or Freedom?


The violation of a natural and moral law

For thousands of years, the physical and moral law for the non transferable of individual power, of Freedom has been systematically violated from the established system of rulers. However, the majority of experts, politicians and ordinary citizens do not regard this fact as a violation of a natural law, but they consider it as a necessary practical choice; they consider that the keeping of this law is a gentle but a utopian pursuit; they consider that valid something similar with the perpetually moving device of 2ed  order.  Let us recall that the perpetually moving device of 2ed order was called machines, for which the Law of Energy Conservation (the 1st Law of Thermodynamics) would apply, but not the Law of Entropy (the 2nd law of Thermodynamics). So, the exercise of power by the Set of People does violate neither the 1st nor the 2nd law of thermodynamics and it is not utopian as has been demonstrated 2500 years ago in the space of Greece.  The opposite allegation is wrong;   is a dogmatic and not logical perception that serves easy understood interests.   For the majority of ordinary people, this doctrinal perception is a wrong one, such as the geocentric system of the planets that people have had for thousands of years. For the professional rulers and those who have been favored by them, it is a deliberate, conscious and selfish act. This erroneous and established perception is the vehicle of creation,  of governing and governed citizens, of rich and poor, of “shrewd and ninny”, in extent and dispersion incompatible with natural laws; in extent and dispersion that is not observed in the others "societies" of  nature.  Nevertheless, people continue to accept this violation ignoring that violations of natural laws are not prescribed by over the time, but always punished hard.


The Boomerang

The establishment of all kinds of rulers used various tricks in order to develop and maintain the above-mentioned perception. The most important of them, in their chronological order of use, are:

a. The Rulers were presented as Gods (Pharaohs of Egypt), or as agents and representatives of God (Kings of God’s will).  The result of this trick was the creation of the perception that their doings express the will of God and are therefore neither questioned nor substituted by acts of ordinary citizens

b. The Rulers were presented as the only appropriate advocates of the interests of the people and the Homeland (Oligarchies).

c. The Rulers were presented as the best in practice carrier of exercise the power, the power belongs to the “People / Boss”, but it is impracticable to be exercised by the set of people.  People have power but cannot exercise it themselves (Representative Democracies)..

The ultimate result of the aforementioned tricks was the annulment of the status "of the governor and of the governed and responsible citizen," which is the quintessence of the True Democracy. The complete and reckless plunder of Individual Power has led to the creation of "citizens" who have power in theory, but not in practice. In practice, today "citizens" are not “donors” but only “recipients” of political power[1].  But the alienation of the citizens from their power has led to the degradation of their responsibility for the problems of state.  It is, however, defined by Nature, by God, that the responsibility and the power form a twin and indivisible entity; that they look like a ball where one hemisphere is called power and the other responsibility.  There is responsibility when there is power and vice versa.

We experienced the existence of this Natural Law: (1) in the period of our carefree childhood when we did not have responsibilities and authority (power). (2) In the behavior of workers with lacking powers (responsibilities). (3)  In the behavior of some MPs of the opposition who speak with low responsibility and (4) in the fights of ordinary citizens against the rulers in order to change their decision and not in order to take part in the taking of them. However such fights are an indirect acceptance of the wrong perception that the citizens themselves cannot exercise power as natural laws define, but that the power can only be exercised by few as defined by the today human laws. 

Citizens of the Athenian Democracy identified the private with public life; they felt equally responsible for both their personal and the public problems. "For them public life was so deeply tied to the private that you could hardly separate it." [2]

Today, when citizens’ power has been plundered by their representatives, it is logical and moral the citizens to be concerned only with their personal and no with public problems.  However, the alienation of the citizens from the exercise of political power left their personal lives unprotected. They left it to the will and the mercy of their representatives / rulers. A solution to this problem was considered the creation of the "Independent Authorities" to protect citizens from the rulers.  Perhaps this is some improvement, but it cannot replace the stolen power of citizens.  Natural law violations are not restored with human tricks. They are restored only by canceling the causes that lead to violations.

A second important feature of today “Democracies” is the law of MPs immunity.  This law has been legislated to insure to MPs freedom of speech and of decision-making only on state actions and not in privet ones, had resulted in downgrading of their responsibility; if not to all of them but to the majority of them. This degradation of responsibility is seen daily in the scandals of rulers.

The above have already led to the downgrading, if not to the cancellation, of MPs. Institutional power; have already led to the boomerang of the power establishment. This boomerang, we see it every day in the inability of the institutional power to persuade and to act.  To persuade the citizens that some of their choices are right and necessary and do not serve their own selfish aspirations. Natural laws have prevailed over human ones.

Because of the irrational and self-serving acts of the representatives, the real power today, is neither in the set of citizens, nor in the contractual / institutional subset of their representatives; is in some organized and dynamic subsets of citizens and in depth in those few who are guiding and controlling these subsets. This downgrading of power and prestige of the representatives’ establishment is due to the looting of the "non transferable” power of the citizens.  The popular Greek proverb,  "whoever  digs a pit for another, falls within himself", is once again verified

The above are perfectly compatible with the new principle of uncertainty of Elias Prigozein. According to this principle,  "When the complexity of the open systems, as the  political ones, exceeds a certain limit, they go to unpredictable, to uncertain situations». The current political systems are over complex and hypocritical. The reasons are well known. Their evolution is unpredictable.


The solution of the problem

The recipe for the solution of the above problem is unique; it was found 2,500 years ago in the cradle of Democracy and is summarized in the phrase: "With more and more authentic Democracy."

 In the past the application of "more and more authentic Democracy" had very great operational and financial difficulties.  Today, however, at the age of the information society, these difficulties have been overcome. Nowadays, we can develop and operate a Digital Pnyka, in which citizens will exercise their non transferable power. This will be done by applying the principles and the practices of the ancient Greek Democracy, adapted to the 21st century facts; to the facts of digital age.

The problem of creating and operating Digital Phyka is not to develop technology. Technology exists. The problem is the regeneration of the principles that were served on the small hill of Pnyka and their adaptation to today’s facts. .

 However, technology is not responsible for this regeneration. Responsible for that are the spiritual leaders, the politicians, the holders of communication power and we the ordinary citizens.





[1]  Political power in Greek means power of citizens. (Citizens in Greek named Polites , πολίτες).




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