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By Fred Blomson

Direct Democratic Nomocracy is the only and final evolution of all the times away from all the crises.
Direct Democracy is a unique ideology!
The main aim with Direct Democracy is the dialogue where everyone has the opportunity to discuss with everyone. In this respect, among others the mass media and the political parties are dictatorial, where mostly; a handful leader dictates their ideas to people who usually passive (and stupid!) receive the dictates. All over the world today in politics governs two elected dictatorships, a capitalist dictatorship and a social democratic dictatorship, the one worse than the other…
Equality and justice are possible only with citizens' own global DD laws.
The only chance of the Socialist International to develop is to abolish itself in favor of DD.

When the dialogue is concerning fundamental principles and global laws, the outcome (the consensus) is called ideology.
There is talk of green ideology, leftist ideology and so on, but since we all have the same basic needs and are equal in dignity and rights, there is only one ideology to come together and agree on. In other words, the DD-ideology is the reason itself and any other “right ideology” for the governing of the world community is not possible.
Direct democracy has enemies all today's privileged who will try to do everything possible to sabotage the DD's rapid establishment. Paid people will be guided to be supporting members with the sole intention of spying and sabotage.
A common phenomenon among promoters for the DD, is the great interest in the development of voting applications and the like. Science is reaching great success today and focus on DD's rapid establishment is not on technical solutions. Our first objective in this phase must be to create a unified "world peace square" who knows what is wishing, what the solution is and how it can be reached!
Another common phenomenon is that many promoters for DD want to abolish political parties and representative democracy by forming a party…, which is absurd. Direct Democracy is not a party. Direct Democracy is a global citizens' single world union UHO or FM or EK (United Human Organization, or in Swedish: Förenade Människorna) and in Greek: Enwmenoi Kosmopolites.
One can see today's various crises, and squares demonstrations around the world as the embryo of DD. There are many indications that the crises and the demonstrations will continue and will increase until the world revolution and the global DDn is a fact.
The market economy and monetary system (owning, production, sales and purchases) are everywhere. The main concern of the world citizens will be to use the DD to rule and to replace the market economy with global DD laws that will take over everything and will govern all fairly and equally. It is impossible to create substantive equality through taxation. Nomocracy (the rule of law) must replace money, the primitive capitalism and the market economy.
Already, the world leaders are forced to create global rules. Different economically powerful potentates and potent individual countries affect the results today. Today are possible global e-DD-laws passed by all of us who are willing and able to do it.
When will it start to "rain" global e-referendums to constitute global laws?
Why we citizens of the world do not focus on global constitutional laws today?
It is reasonable to create substantive equality by using the DD-laws on the maximization of consumption and DD-laws for maximization of owning, and to constitute the global DD-law to rule and to own everything on earth.
World Society is similar to a large classroom where the reward for performance is the score and congratulations not benefits like money. Military service is unnecessary in the DD world community, but some unpopular professions should be mandatory equal for all a short time of the life.
I never give my valuable political vote to any person today. What are you doing? How long? By requiring direct democracy and to stop giving your vote to politicians, you can quickly, easily and peacefully save and improve the global society.
Grateful for constructive critical suggestions and comments!

Note: NOMOCRAGY comes from the Greek word NOMOΣ ( Law)



Fred Blomson is a “retired barefooted philosopher”, citizen of Sweden and member of the association «Οι Φίλοι της Ψηφιακής ’μεσης Δημοκρατίας (The Friends of Digital Direct Democracy).

E-mail fred.blomson @,, (eng),,   (swe)



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